This weekend, on the second KyivComicCon, the Kyiv-based creative collective UGAR Production announced their new project — the first ever Ukrainian steam-pun comic book.

They plan to issue it sometime early next year. They also intend to film some live-action shorts for it.

The artists intend to draw heavily from the actual weapons and machinery (including dirigibles and ironclad trains) as well as the then fashions of the 1919-1922 time period when the Ukrainian state was fighting against the advancing Soviet armies.

(Note the red-starred zombies!)

The man to the right with a mechanical arm has the haircut traditional for Ukrainian medieval pirate-military Cossaks — for example:

The authors translated the book’s title as The Will, but in fact, it is Freedom. Which has been an extremely important notion for Ukrainians deprived of their own state for centuries.

And this man bears strong resemblance to the actual historic figure — the legendary anarchist Nestor Makhno, who fought the Ukrainian forces along with the Soviets, and ended up by having all his fighters executed by the Soviets. This is his actual photo:

His peasants’ army had several female leaders — in those uncertain times, for women, it was too dangerous to stay behind and they took up the weapons and joined their husbands and brothers in the fight for a better future.


And this angry armed lady has no real-life model that I know of, but the Ukrainian army indeed had several prominent female officers.

These are photos of the Ukrainian army’s aircraft. Its fleet was 400 aircraft strong.

Can’t wait to get this comic book!