Ukrainian feminist
Ukrainian feminist
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Folk Postmodern

Found this today in my Facebook feed and fell in love. The costumes, the scenery, the lyrics — the singer is using her native dialect of Ukrainian, the Transcarpathian Ukrainian, and lays layers over layers of irony in her delivery (most of them, I assume, will be totally lost on anybody who is not Ukrainian but you can still enjoy the whimsy of the costumes — they masterfully and elegantly and in a self-aware manner combine elements of the Ukrainian folk costumes from different historical periods). the song is basically a declaration of a young woman, that she wants to go to the village dances with a bad boy, a bitanga (as she explained in an interview, a bitanga is a young person that fails their parents’ expectations)

The singer, Alina Pash, was a participant in the Ukrainian X Factor a couple of years ago and her performance there gives me a reason to bring this lovely song here.


So, she together with her partner performed a cover to a song by a well-known Russian singer from Georgia (like, the country Georgia)Valeriy Meladze. I have no idea who came up with the idea of using the Star Wars theme for the performance but they took it and pumped it on some shrooms and let it loose. Leia dancing with Darth Vader in a bride’s dress to a love song about a broken heart is weird as rancor shit. Anyhow, see for yourselves, maybe I am reading too much into this. Also, she is a great performer.

and just to give you something truly adorable — another video from a different singing show, The Voice of the Country, and the duo of a singer and a beat-boxer offers a mash up of the Star Wars theme song and the Ghostbusters and two more songs (I would not call it a mash up but they never bothered to ask me, so there). The sheer delight these two exude is worth a lot. Aslo, they are called, Nude Voices. And they are wearing metallic costumes.

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