Ukrainian feminist
Ukrainian feminist
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Jousting Revived

Just making a repost of this person’s post — and make sure to check out the video, it is amazeballs,


Ok guys this is what we been waiting for and we need your help! As you may know, I traveled 100,000 miles with KOV to bring you the greatest jousting film ever produced. This is where you come in, in order to go to print we need 300 sales to cover the cost of Scoring, Artwork and DVD authoring. The first season is $50 dollars and will be on six two hour DVDs. Yes, SIX DVDs! If we can get the first set published I’ll be able to edit season two over the next couple months. If you’re interested in getting a copy please send me a message on the TILT page. Here is our promo for the first season of TILT. The most raw action you will ever see on film!

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