Ukrainian feminist
Ukrainian feminist
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Russian Cyberpunk MV

I bring to your attention yet another music video by the Russian band Leningrad (here is my previous post on the topic, which was left ignored by the esteemed community). this is their cooperation project with Glu’Koza, the Russian animated music project similar to the Gorillaz (here is my post on her).

the video itself has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song, which pretty much sound like a half-hearted criticism od modern consumerism. also, the chorus is sung to the tune of the Scoobt Doo theme song.


the protagonist here is Glu’Koza herself followed by her trusted robo-Dobermann and the main baddie is Leningrad’s frontman, Shnurov.

also, the lyrics are filled with swear words and profanities. otherwise, the video contains a lot of highly stylized violence and Easter eggs for those interested in the current Russian alternative culture (which I am not).


hope you enjoy it.

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