Ukrainian feminist
Ukrainian feminist

Stolen Princess

If you are into Disney-inspired local animated movies, you might want to check out Stolen Princess by the Ukrainian studio Amigrad, loosely based on the poem by Aleksander Pushkin ‘Ruslan and Liudmila’, which in its turn was loosely based on the Kyivan Rus heroic ballads.

trailer 1 (in English)

trailer 2 (in Ukrainian)

This is the same studio that is working on Forest Song, which is extremely loosely based on the Forest Song by Lesia Ukrainka, a Ukrainian poetress and playwright, about a forest maiden Mavka.

The story takes place in Volyn, the land in the northern-western part of Ukraine, and here is how it looks in reality:

this territory was affected by the winds after Chornobyl, so locals, when going mushroom and berry picking usually take a dosimeter with them — one place it rings like crazy, two steps in a different direction all is clean.


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