Ukrainian feminist
Ukrainian feminist
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Apr 13
Now We Are Free

Sometimes, the Ukrainian singing contest offers rare gems of creativity and true mastery — here is the cover of Hans

Mar 13
Mustached Pastiche

I just learned about this movie — called Inglorious Slaves, in which the Ukrainian key poetic genius, Taras

Sep 20 2019
Those Lost

Here is the song I am listening on repeat for the last several weeks — the band’s name is One in a Canoe. and the

Apr 14 2019
No Man's Land

A new music video from the Ukrainian band about a postapocalyptic planet. 

Apr 22 2018
Folk Postmodern

Found this today in my Facebook feed and fell in love. The costumes, the scenery, the lyrics — the singer is using

Feb 28 2018
Stolen Princess<em></em>

If you are into Disney-inspired local animated movies, you might want to check out Stolen Princess by the Ukrainian

Sep 15 2017
Architect Turned Doll-Maker

Ukrainian artist Tamara Pivniuk turned to doll-making later in life — and now it is her full-time passion. Her dolls